We don't want just to be a building with a name on it but we want to be a place where people know they are truly cared about
Our Church's Core Values

You are not alone.
Willing to ask tough questions out of genuine concern and mutual respect for one another's well being.

Biblical Teaching
Igniting passion through the teaching of God's Word.
Learning and understanding what the Bible says and applying it to your everyday life.

Building Leaders
The perfect God using imperfect people.
Investing in the lives of people in order to encourage them to follow Christ's example.

Dedicated to see a life transformed in Christ.
Caring to see a life transformed in Christ.

Embracing Cultural Diversity
The bloodline erases the culture line.
A community of faith that embraces and celebrates all ethnic backgrounds and cultural differences with no racial boundaries.

Believing without seeing.
Trusting in the firm foundation, which is found in Jesus Christ.

Family Culture
Safe, family-friendly environment.
Growing strong families through Biblical values by trusting in God for all things even in our difficulties.

Genuine Worship
Where it's all about Jesus.
Expressing gratitude for all of our blessings in spite of our circumstances.

All for love.
Because God gave His Son, we can now give of our time, talent and treasures.

Making a lasting connection between church and community.
Providing a welcoming, caring and 'Good Samaritan' example and making lasting connections with people.

Missions/Reaching Others
Introducing the World to God(John 3:16).
Willingness to pray, serve, give and impact the lives of those around us both locally and abroad through God's love. Introducing God to the world by placing the needs of others above your own.

Knocking on Heaven's door.
Prayer is simply communicating with God by talking and listening to Him.