Natural Soaps, Skin Care...

We can be so careful about what we put into our bodies but not ON our bodies! Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit and we need to treat them as such! Through Healing Hearts Ministries, we have ALL natural skin care products in moisturizers, soaps and lip balms. These products are amazing and there are NO chemicals...made of only cocoa butter, olive oil, almond oil and coconut oils. They come in a variety of fragrances...including a fresh men's scent and unscented. (A website for a complete product listing is in the works so be patient with me! You're gonna have to call me or email me for product details and orders. Sorry!)

Please email Donna Murgola at Please visit to learn more about this life-changing ministry.

ALL proceeds go directly to supporting Healing Hearts International, locally and abroad. Please pray for God to continually use Healing Hearts to help bring healing to women and men who are hurting or struggling. Life can be hard....but FREE help is available and God wants to be OUR source of comfort and healing!