"I would like to thank Genesis Summer Camp for giving me the opportunity to send my grandson Jeremiah Rivera to summer camp. This camp is a blessing to us and is helping my grandson learn to interact with other children and participate in indoor and outdoor activities. It has provided a safe haven for him and has given me peace of mind knowing that he is being taken care of by caring and responsible people. Thank you so much Pastor Kelly and the staff at Riverside Assembly of God."

— Betty Roman

"I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude and appreciation to you for providing the needed assistance for my two granddaughters, Dayya and Amaya Grissett, to attend Genesis Summer Camp. Due to family problems I have unexpectedly assumed guardianship for them. Without your assistance they would not have been able to attend and enjoy all the Christian educational and fun activities that it provides. Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity and may God continue to bless you so you may continue to bless others.

— Maria Morales

"I can honestly say that Genesis Camp is the best thing that I have done for my daughter. This camp gives them everything they need. My daughter loves Genesis Camp and is very happy to be a part of it. I am very happy to have her there since it helps me to work more at ease. Thank you for Genesis Camp!

— Magdelin Hernandez

"I am thanking you for letting my daughter, Aysiah Shuler-Davis, receive a grant for the summer program. There are not that many good summer programs in Jersey City that I would like my child to go to. Being a single mom or a mom in an urban community you try to look for the best. I think I found it at Genesis Summer Camp. I thank you again for the opportunity you have given her!

— Nicole Shuler

"Once again I would love to say thank you. My son and I are really grateful and appreciative. I am a working mother trying to provide a safe environment for my children, but doing so takes a lot of money. At Genesis Summer Camp, I can rest assured that my children are in loving hands with people who respect and adore them. Genesis Summer Camp showed us that we are always blessed by God and that there are people who care and help others such as my family.

— Hope Johnson

"I have been blessed with the opportunity to send my two children, Ben and Carolyn, to Genesis Summer Camp. Without help my children would not have this most precious opportunity. They have wanted to attend for so many years and each time I had to tell them I could not afford it. It is hard for me since at the present time I am a single parent. We are so appreciative of this act of kindness, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

— Janet Kirchoff

"I would like to first thank God, and then Riverside Church for blessing my family this year. My daughter Becky looks forward to the next day she has to be in camp. She loves it! I am extremely grateful to Riverside for having Genesis Summer Camp 2006, where kids like Becky are safe and loved. I pray next year many more families can be blessed like my family was this year. Thank you and God bless!

— Mayda Marcano

"From the very first day that I stepped foot in Riverside Assembly of God there was an instant connection between my family and this great organization. I can not begin to explain what a blessing Pastor Kelly has been to me and my family. Genesis Summer Camp was my saving grace last summer. I was deeply concerned about the fact that I didnít have a safe place for my three children to spend the summer. When I came to the open house for the camp, I realized the fees would be a bit of a hardship for me, but I felt it was worthwhile. My assumption was correct; my children had a fun and wonderful experience learning about God. This past year has been a difficult on many levels, and when it seemed like I was going to have to make a sacrifice concerning the education and well being for my children, there was Pastor Kelly, who made it possible for them to attend this year. God is truly faithful!

— Maisha Caldwell


"Thank you for letting us join the summer camp. We love all of you. Youíre the best!

— Carolyn Marcanos

"Thank you for letting us join the summer camp because after this year I can not attend again because will be 13. Thank you!

— Benjamin Marcanos


"Thanks for all your blessings. Food not only nourishes the belly, but also the mind. The Food Bank has enabled me, my family and friends to face hard times. Itís a comfort knowing a healthy meal is always on the horizon. I thank God for sending the Food Bank!

— Ronald Perry