Riverside Cares understands Jersey City as a community of families seeking a stable and safe living environment and has identified several ways to meet that need.
Our Vision

We will be a church where people are joined into a Christ-centered community through authentic love and caring for one another. No one is excluded and unity is cultivated.

We will be a body of believers where discipleship is an international Biblically-based process of teaching, training and reflecting Christ.

We will be a church where our gifts and talents will be deployed for the strengthening, unifying and building up of the church and community.

We will be a spirit-filled, Christ-like, unified worship team that humbly serves with a spirit of excellence and leads by example as we go beyond the walls of the church; spreading the Gospel to the lost and needy through music by leading them into the presence of God.

We will be a church where evangelism is relationally driven, motivated by compassion and demonstrates Christ's love without any expectation in return.